Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a Houston based singer-songwriter and guitarist.



Hannah Smith is a Houston based singer-songwriter and guitarist who began her touring career at the age of 16 as lead guitarist with L.A. based indie-pop group, Stamps. In 2015, she launched her solo career with debut EP, Moonsugar, a fusion of country, pop, and elements of jazz. Moonsugar ranked on the Top 100 Americana Chart and was featured on various reputable Americana radio stations across the nation. She continued her musical career in Europe touring Sweden and Norway, opening for groups such as the Newsboys and singing at NWLC conferences. In 2018, singer-songwriter Chris Trapper contacted Hannah after discovering her YouTube cover of "This Time" from popular movie August Rush. Chris Trapper (Singer-songwriter) contacted Hannah while she was living in Denver, Colorado to take her on tour as an opening act. She has played many national clubs including but not limited to, The Roxy Theatre, Highline Ballroom, 9:30 Club, The Blue Door, House of Blues, The Dosey Doe, The Pageant Etc. Hannah currently has a residency at Vic & Anthony’s in Houston, a residency at Tommy Bahama’s in The Woodlands, and is the lead guitarist for Woodlands Church.