Hannah is a highly accomplished guitarist, singer and songwriter with a passion and maturity way beyond her age, but with the freshness and transparency of her early teenage years when she started her career as a musician in Cypress Texas. Getting into music was for Hannah a necessity, basically to “deal with life and emotions”, so from her childhood it was clear that music would play a major role in her whole life. She started with learning the drums at 12 years old and evolved to playing the guitar and singing right after - mostly self-taught but with the guide and advice of her Dad. By 18 she was intensively studying songwriting and composing every day, 8 hours a day... beyond 100 songs, to then follow with a very meticulous process of hand-picking the very best material – the most unique and intense. Hannah’s voice is sweet but deep, her tone is candid but profound, and her words are sincere and impactful. Her guitar performances are bright, colorful and intriguing. In short, she is not the traditional guitarist, singer, songwriter and performer; she is an astonishing and well-rounded artist of the greatest caliber. One unique thing about Hannah is that she likes listeners to be “unfiltered” – with no expectations, with no predisposition, even without much patience... as she enjoys the challenge of being the opening act. The opening act is most of the times the toughest challenge for a musician – but Hannah looks at it as her opportunity to be there, with an unfiltered performance that will be surprisingly impactful to her audience. Many people think that music does not have an explicit purpose for humanity, but Hannah has found a purpose for her music: she writes music for herself, to deal with her life and emotions; but once her songs become public, then she does not consider them as hers – “those songs will be useful for other people to deal with their own lives and emotions”. There is no better example about it than “Common Anomaly” – to remind you that you are not alone; while you may think you have lost something in your life, you have gained...

Author: Alexis Langagne

March 2019